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Hidden Evil Event
April/May 2009

An Experience with Doctors & Medical Staff

Background on Dictatorship-run Hospitals

In former communist Russia, every single organization was infiltrated from top to bottom with plain-clothed citizens working for the Committee for State Security (KGB). This has been described in a 1974 report called Understanding the Solzhenitsyn Affair: Dissent and its Control in the USSR, by the Center for Strategic and International Studies. "The Committee for State Security," it explained, "functions as a secret political police force, which through nets of agents and informants, reaches literally into every crevice of society."

The Russian political system was controlled by a tiny group of wealthy people who sat at the top of the system. They had fake elections to keep the people thinking that they had a choice. Federal law enforcement such as the KGB acted as their private security force. And they had a massive informant network to identify & destroy any potential threat to their rule.

Of particular interest to the KGB were hospitals. With their agents & informants the KGB & the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD) ran the hospitals. After someone had been singled out for something as simple as a complaint, they were processed through the system. For their cooperation, the doctors & staff received promotions & other benefits, & could rise within the sick system. See Psychiatric Terror: How Soviet Psychiatry is Used to Suppress Dissent, by Sidney Bloch, & Peter Reddaway. Also see Institute of Fools: A Dissident's Memoir of his Detention in the Most Notorious Soviet Psychiatric Institution, by Victor Nekipelov. Although punitive psychiatry was used extensively (& still is) in communist Russia, the medical staff & doctors in these hospitals were also used to keep patients under intense surveillance.

When rumors of this type of psychiatric torture reached other countries, they were denied by those who had a vested interest in the system. In July of 1972, the Defense Intelligence Agency released a report called Controlled Offensive Behavior (ST-CS-01-169-72). It pertained to the systematic identification & destruction of certain people in Russia. And it explained, "There is an ever increasing amount of information emanating from the USSR ... that suggests that certain authoritarian institutions in the USSR are engaged in the practice of "mental reorientation" of numerous individuals who are classed as political dissenters." These psychiatrists were considered the leaders in their field. Only a few spoke out & subsequently had their lives destroyed.

That mechanism of the system exited to protect the people of wealth who ran it. Eventually, these persecuted individuals were believed. And now it's a historical fact that it happened. But it was the testimony of the people who had experienced it that led to its eventual exposure. The report continued, "KGB performs the search arrest, and initial investigation. The medical 'experts' cooperate in furnishing bogus diagnoses and the court confirms the findings of the doctors." Lawyers, judges, police, & doctors were literally all in on it. They helped to discredit & destroy people they knew were perfectly healthy. Also consider that because of their participation, to any outside observer the system had the appearance of legitimacy.

The Russian communist system was transferred to East Germany after WWII, where it was further perfected. This was facilitated by the Council on Foreign Relations as a test for any policy which they would eventually use in America. In his book The Invisible Government, former FBI agent Dan Smoot notes two New York Times articles which appeared in 1961, on June 18, & July 2, which reported that George F. Kennan of the CFR persuaded President Roosevelt to divide Germany. The CFR/Wall Street also built Communist Russia.

"George F. Kennan and Philip E. Mosely and other men associated with them in the Council on Foreign Relations," says Smoot, "wanted to set Berlin up as a perpetual excuse for any kind of program which the Council on Foreign Relations might want the American government to adopt." One policy which the CFR tested in East Germany included the creation of the largest known citizen informant network in history.

John O. Koehler revealed in his book, Stasi: The Untold Story of the East German Secret Police, "Schools, universities, and hospitals were infiltrated from top to bottom." The Ministry for State Security (MFS) ran the hospitals in East Germany, just as the KGB did in Russia. Although they didn't use punitive psychiatry as much as Russia, in East Germany hospitals were filled with citizens who unofficially worked for the MFS.

In his report, Techniques Used to Silence Critics, Former Senior Special Agent of the Los Angeles FBI, Ted L. Gunderson, says that according to his sources, a minimum of 1 in 10 people will be working unofficially for the state. Furthermore, agencies such as the CIA are known for using doctors to discredit & break people, as outlined in the book, Journey Into Madness: The True Story of Secret CIA Mind Control and Medical Abuse, by Gordon Thomas.

The people of wealth who built Russia, created East Germany, the Nazi war machine, & who now control the US & most other countries, are not planning on merely approaching the East German record--but surpassing it. While they continue to setup their global dictatorship, they must recruit even more people on the street-level to destroy their potential enemies. So, they're advocating the creation of a network that is double the size of the one that existed in former East Germany. Regarding this expansion, the Boston Globe remarked on May 14, 2003 that the recruitment of 1/3rd of the population is the goal. In their Building a Nation of Snoops article, they wrote, "Even communist East Germany ... was not as ambitious about citizen surveillance."

So, the admitted informant recruitment number is at least double the amount of previous dictatorships which ran the hospitals. To think that the Department of Defense is not handling medical staff & doctors is absurd. "The US will have a higher percentage of citizen informants than the former East Germany through the infamous Stasi secret police," warned the Sunday Morning Herald, in their July 15, 2002 report, US Planning to Recruit One in 24 Americans as Citizen Spies.

Even the ACLU cautioned in their 2004 Surveillance-Industrial Complex story, "there is currently a vigorous citizen informant recruitment process. ... Only under the most oppressive governments have informants ever become a widespread, central feature of life."

The Department of Defense is definitely running the hospitals & clinics in the United States with their informant network. I base this statement not on a single experience, but on an observation of people & organizations that are being used, as well as research which confirms that this expansion has taken place. Apparently the same pattern has unfolded in all developed countries.

The doctors & staff in hospitals are being used to attack (mobbing, PsyOp, NLP) those who have been singled out for covert persecution in this Netwar. And they are providing cover for the people of tremendous wealth who are using the DoD as their private security force to run these hospitals. It is absolutely critical their torturous murder using Directed Energy Weapons, Gang Stalking, & PsyOp, be covered-up by the medical community.

My personal experience

I already knew that hospitals were fully complicit in the cover-up of this program. If I had arrived at these facilities & had not been attacked by the informant network, or had found that the doctors were not complicit, then I would have been surprised. Because, this would have been one of the few exceptions I've found so far, to the pattern of almost all establishments being controlled by the Department of Defense. My visit to these facilities simply confirmed what I already knew based on my research. It provided a direct experience.

I decided not to tell the people at some of these facilities (except for one so far) that I'm being attacked by the Department of Defense. The staff & doctors in the facilities mentioned below shouldn't be considered willing servants of this covert program of murder. Some of the people I interacted with disliked what they were being forced to do. And I'm positive that one doctor was upset while being forced to lie to me.

Also, the evidence for the seemingly impossible surveillance technology which I describe below will be provided in my next book. Evidence that the DoD is destroying people by labeling them with paranoid schizophrenia will be given there as well.

I was skeptical about including the names of these clinics in Maine because they are small, independent facilities. Some of them are family-owned. So, you the reader should understand that my experience was not due to their incompetence or a willful decision to refuse me authentic medical treatment. I'm positive that they wanted to assist & were being forced to say & do things against their will.

I've noticed the exact same behavior when dealing with people at clinics, stores, restaurants, & libraries, or anywhere out in public, as well as friends & family.

Visit to Maine General Hospital in Augusta, Maine on April 28, 2009

After about two weeks of no normal bowel movement & increasing nausea & abdominal pains which the DoD probably caused, I visited an Emergency Room in Augusta Maine. The next day I described the event like this: Last night I visited the Emergency Room at the Maine General Hospital in Augusta, from about 9:00PM to 12:00AM. I was basically attacked by the staff, patients (informants) waiting in the area, & lied to by the medical staff. At the time, I didn't note specific instance of where their braintapped informants commented on my thought pattern or objects in my field of vision, but it did happen almost the entire time. So no exact examples will be given here.

While walking in, a man in his 60s passed in front of me wearing a red coat, a probable reference to the red theme. As I entered the unit I looked around & received multiple nasty stares from several of the people in the area to my right which contained a bunch of chairs. In front of me, off to the right, was a couple sitting down. The woman, white, mid 50s, gave me a hostile stare. She had her hand on her left eye which had a gash above it.

This could have been a PsyOp attack related to an incident which occurred in the woods last week, which resulted in a scar above my right eye after a branch sprung up & hit me in the head while I was breaking it. As unrelated as this may seem, these may be PsyOp symbolic message attacks, which some TIs call street theatre, but which resembles what the DoD refers to as PsyActs. The DoD uses its informant network as agents of action during these PsyActs.

The waiting room had two major seating areas, both about the same size. It was probably about 80% full, judging by the seating capacity. I went to the receptionist to check in & filled out a short form. While this happened, some people in the area to my left, which was the only other seating area (about 25 x 25 feet or so in size) began commenting on my thought process which was geared toward filling out the form. This occurred during a staged conversation.

After this, I looked around for seating & noticed more long, blatant, mocking, nasty stares by multiple people. I didn't count at the time, but these stares originated from at least several. I found a seat at the end of a row in the other seating area. I placed earplugs in my ears at this time. I was seated for about 15 minutes. And during this time I was crowded by a man & a woman. Both entered within inches of my feet, unnecessarily crowding me. Although there were lots of people in the area, there was plenty of room. This was an obvious attack.

At both times the crowding was abrupt, & was synchronized with sentences I was reading, apparently to convey threatening or degrading messages, by crowding me at the exact instance the sentences were read. This happens often out in public while I'm around their braintapped stalkers.

The second receptionist I saw was a man in his late 20s or early 30s & he took more detailed information. When the topic of whether I had insurance or not came up, there was a change in his tone & voice pattern, apparently intending to project or stir up negative feelings such as shame, for not having insurance. After this, I sat back down again in the seating area on the opposite side of the one I had previously been in.

So, the area I was in is the one that was off to my right as I first walked in. I found a seat between a couple in their 70s & one in their 20s. The couple in their 20s, off to my right, conversed almost the entire time, commenting on the words & phrases of the book I was reading. The older couple to my left spoke less often, but seemed to do so as well. I also noticed the usual fake coughs that frequently erupted from multiple people in the room.

The main door, about 30 or so feet off to my front-left, exhibited almost constant activity, which resulted in significant noise. Because their noise attacks are usually concealed by amplifying events that occur normally, the cover here was that it was an ER unit, & constant door commotion was normal. After about 20 minutes of this I placed the earplugs back in my ears. Then maybe after about a 45 minute wait, another staff member took more information. When I exited his office I received more hostile stares.

Then later a different staff member, possibly a nurse, took me into a room in the examination area. He did some routine tests for the condition I explained & asked me some questions. Either his name, or the doctor's name, was Josh, which was a name connected to a combination of computer & directed energy weapons attacks that the DoD caused earlier in the day to get me to notice that exact name. After this staff member left, & while I was waiting for the doctor, a different staff member walked into the room, excused himself, then opened up a draw to my right & loudly slammed it after removing an item.

While waiting for the doctor I noticed what has become a standard procedure by the DoD. That is the frequent (in this case it was almost constant) loud conversations (intended to be overheard), by multiple staff members in the operations area directly across from the room I was in. They include references to thought patterns & objects in my field of vision. At one point while looking up at the ceiling, I thought of meditating, then moments later, the single word "Buda," was uttered by the man sitting in front of a PC in the operations area.

The doctor showed up & told me that based on what I described, the most common causes are that either there was a blockage, or that the nerves connected to the muscles in the colon were not functioning, & therefore, the colon muscles were not processing waste properly. He then said the most common causes for the muscles ceasing to function was a thyroid problem. And I think he mentioned that a tumor was the most common reason for a blockage. He ordered some X-rays.

While walking to the X-ray room with another staff member I heard the same, loud, obviously fake conversations, emanating from the operations center that I previously spoke of. Eventually I ended up back in the room which I saw the doctor in. When the doctor showed up again, he told me he saw no blockages or anything else wrong with my bowels. He recommended that I stop the enemas & natural laxatives. He said I should go back to doing whatever I normally do & not worry about it.

The words "worry" & stop "worrying" were used multiple times. This was seemingly an implication that I was "worrying," or "paranoid" over nothing, & was imagining the problem. He said that it was probably a fluke of some sort. He mentioned that my colon was mostly empty, except for some new material at the top, which wouldn't be moved for several days. When I asked him what the course of action would be if there was no movement in a week, he said a blood test for a possible thyroid problem.

The behavior exhibited by the doctor while explaining this indicated to me that he was lying. For instance, his tone varied unnaturally while uttering words & phrases, as if he was uncomfortable with what he was saying. Also, he began stuttering. In addition, I noticed he was breathing loudly, quickly & shallowly, which had such an impact on the flow of his words, that at times it seemed to almost prevent him from speaking. This man was definitely lying &/or uncomfortable with the information he was giving me. What he was lying about I don't know.

The nurse who followed up after him, (the same one who prepared me) gave me some information on foods that would promote bowel movement, & recommended Metamucil. He exhibited the same behavior as the doctor, only not as obvious. But he too was uncomfortable while giving me these recommendations. I'm certain that he was lying. Because I sensed that I was being lied to, & knew that they were being prevented from doing their job, I went along with it.

The conclusions of the doctor & nurse regarding the cause of the condition as well as their recommendation of Metamucil, seemed to be inconsistent with the symptoms I gave them. A change in diet will do little if an organ has seemingly shut down. Besides, I told them that I had already taken laxatives for a week & they didn't work. Why would they recommend another laxative? It seems that they also didn't consider the chronic pains & nausea that I told them about.

I let the hospital staff know at multiple times that I wasn't just constipated, but that my colon had literally stopped working. I conveyed this to them during conversations with staff members, as well the doctor, the nurse, the man at registration, & the woman who conducted the X-ray. I also indicated that if the enemas had not been taken, then the waste of about two weeks worth of food would still be in my system.

I didn't notice any V2K while inside the ER. But at one point while I was with the doctor & had concluded that he was being prevented from working with me, I received a stimulation to my left pectoral. This is one of the standard electronic confirmations that the Department of Defense uses to follow-up its attacks with. Exiting the hospital at about midnight, I was crowded by a single staff member at the street corner, who approached it at the exact moment I did.

Visit to Sheepscot Valley Health Center in Coopers Mills, Maine on April 29, 2009

This occurred from about 9:15AM to 10:15AM at a small clinic in Coopers Mills Maine. First, there was a tow truck parked in front of sign at clinic, which prevented me from seeing the sign. As I entered the parking lot another vehicle was leaving which blocked me. Then as I was getting out of the car, another vehicle pulled into the small lot. I entered the small waiting area & saw the receptionist. The waiting room had 4 or 5 people in it. While filling out the form, I noticed the standard loud & persistent fake coughs from most of the people in the room.

These coughs have a blatantly fake sound & are done to let you know you're being stalked. In addition to these noises, there was a variety of other commotion that these people made in the room. So for most of the 10 or 15 minutes that I was there, there was noise. Then a nurse brought me back to a small room where she took my blood pressure & asked some questions. As she was exiting the room, she paused slightly at the door & coughed. A few minutes later the doctor showed up. She was in her mid to late 20s.

During most of the conversation, while I was explaining what was happening & asking questions, she made frequent confirmation remarks, such as, "umm hmm," "yeah," "ahh." Normally, confirmations such as these would be considered an effective part of communication. But an increase in frequency can turn them into attacks. The frequency with which these verbal remarks occurred indicated that they were done to deliberately interrupt me. Also, these verbal gestures were conveyed using exaggerated empathetic tones & facial expressions, which indicated to me that she was expressing false empathy--mocking me.

Furthermore, her facial expression during most of the time indicated to me that she was lying &/or hiding something. Also, during the conversation I received involuntary electronic stimulation of my biceps & pectorals. Then toward the end of our conversation, she said several times that "there's no need for me to be concerned," "I shouldn't' be concerned about it," "it's normal," etc. These phrases too were spoken in a mocking way.

While it may be normal for something like this to happen to another 36 year old, for me it is definitely not normal. Despite the pains & conditions caused by DEW attacks, I'm in perfect health. I usually don't get sick. And if I do feel something approaching, I can usually pre-empt with certain methods. Also, this condition just seemed to happen abruptly. Like the doctor at the MGH, she implied that I was paranoid & there was nothing wrong.

In addition, it seemed as if she had prior knowledge of my questions & rehearsed her answers. Her sentence word flow was unnaturally symmetrical, it wasn't spontaneous. It was as if she was following a script & had been prepped on how to answer these exact questions. Interestingly, some of these were the same questions I asked the doctor in the ER two days before.

There was another more basic type of a refusal to assist that I sensed. It can be described as a type of mental block that these people put up, to prevent you from establishing any genuine rapport. The boundaries which they must operate within, seems to produce this block, which prohibits them from exhibiting what could be described as natural verbal & non-verbal communication protocols. Therefore, their characters seem to have little depth, as if they're just bad actors in a poor movie. I notice this in all of the people being handled by the Department of Defense. There are obviously strict protocols concerning what the should say, not say, do, etc.

On the way back I noticed a large truck parked directly in the middle of the road ahead of me on Rt 205. I swerved around it. It had a sign on its bumper "Wide Load." Then when I turned onto Banton Rd, I found I was behind a dump truck. This is significant because I haven't seen a single dump truck here for the last three years. The reason is (unless things have changed very recently), there is no trash collection service. The truck was moving slowly, & at one point pulled over to the side, apparently for me to pass it, as I sped up slightly, it moved back into the road, blocking me again. The moment it was in front of the farm it put on it's blinker & pulled over to the house across from us, (which I've concluded is a base of operation).

The Department of Defense let me know they were at the clinic by the synchronization of people arriving & leaving when I arrived, the frequent fake coughs by multiple "patients" in the waiting area, the possible blocking of the clinic's sign with a tow truck, & the handling of the doctor. They also followed up their attacks with symbolic PsyOp attacks using a dump truck & a "Wide Load" vehicle to convey a "dump" theme. They accomplished this by blocking me with these vehicles, in order to get my attention, so that I would notice their activities & symbols.

Their symbols were "wide load" (meaning load of waste/crap), & "dump" (another reference to waste/crap which was made right at the farm). This was done for the symbolic transmission of the message, "we attacked you at the clinic that you just visited for the bowel problem that we caused, we know you can't make a bowel movement, & now we're making fun of you & mocking you about it."

Summary of Events

Prior to these visitations, when dealing with receptionists on the phone, when the subject of insurance came up, there was usually a change in tone, apparently to imply that I'm a freeloader, poor, scum, not worthy of treatment, etc. While on the phone with one operator, phrases such as, "we'll work with you till you get back on your feet again," & similar references were made. Because all of my communications systems are interfered with by the Department of Defense, I conclude that were probably being handled & were used in an attempt to humiliate me.

The Department of Defense attacked me with their informants in the ER (including staff & patients), who crowded me, attacked me verbally during staged PsyOp conversations, & gave me frequent nasty looks. They also mocked me & prevented me from being treated at this hospital by using the doctor to lie to me.

A similar scenario occurred in Coopers Mills, where they first let me know that they were present by blocking me in the lot, then again in the waiting room with frequent noise. Then they used the doctor to mock me & lie to me under deniable conditions. And while this was occurring, they attacked me electronically, just so I'd be sure that they had arranged it. Then to confirm & apparently mock me even more, they followed up with another PsyOp attack using logistical support from the city.

Visit to Sebasticook Regional Family Care in Clinton, Maine on October 9, 2009

This visit occurred at about 10:00AM. The clinic staff was being handled by the DoD. While in the main waiting room, I noticed that in the receptionist area off to my left, the clerks & nurses were commenting on my ongoing thought pattern & objects within my view. This occurred during the typical fake conversations that the DoD arranges using their sophisticated surveillance technology. I've explained before that in addition to this technology being used to cause mental trauma, another intended application is to make people appear to be suffering from a mental disorder if they were to attempt to explain it.

I was then brought to a small examination room to wait for the doctor. While waiting I received V2K, involuntary muscle stimulation of my pectorals & biceps, & an attack to my throat which felt like a pin had been stuck in it. There was also a noise attack in the form of some type of loud equipment just outside the window of the room.

The doctor arrived & said that to get an idea of my condition, she'd need some information about my family history. Almost immediately the subject of the discussion was about how my father had died of a liver condition due to alcoholism. She then asked about the drinking habits of my siblings. Because of the speed at which she extracted this information, & the timing of them in regard to when the conversation started (i.e. almost immediately after she sat down), my guess is that they were custom-designed to put me on the defensive.

Most probably this occurred for at least two reasons. First, in retaliation to my decision to give her documents regarding the DoD's admission that directed-energy weapons exist & will be used on civilians. Next, to let me know that they will use this in the future as a discrediting tactic by portraying me as delusional due to consistent heavy drinking.

I then told her what my experience had been for the last several months with the colon malfunction. I handed her two documents. One about the DoD's admission that these weapons exist & will be used on civilians in a new type of warfare that takes place among the civilian population. And another about my personal experience.

After this she told me that I sounded as if I had schizophrenia. Then she asked me if I'd consider seeing a mental health specialist. She also asked if I had a history of mental health issues. I told her I didn't. She mentioned that my beliefs of "persecution" may be somehow contributing to the physical condition.

At one point she said something like, "Yes, it is very scary to have your colon stop working," which was accompanied by a type of direct eye contact that led me to conclude that she knew that this existed & was warning me. Of course, I have no evidence that this communication took place. She could very simply say that I misunderstood her.

She suggested that I take natural laxatives. This was of course after I told her that I've already tried that. She said that it was the combination of these that might promote bowel movement. However, this was basically the same suggestion as the other health clinic & ER in Augusta. I told her that if necessary, I would follow her instructions through. But I also told her that this would not fix the condition. Finally, she reluctantly agreed to refer me to a colon specialist for a colonoscopy.

Summary of Events

Despite asking seemingly pre-arranged questions to put me on the defensive, implying that I had a mental illness, & almost blocking me from receiving adequate medical treatment, I'd describe her behavior as very professional. Although the signals she exhibited were less obvious than those shown by other health professionals that I've interacted with, I'm certain that she was being handled. The clinic staff was as well.

Because the DoD was definitely at this clinic, I'm not sure why she was able to offer me a referral. They may have allowed her to because they knew they'd be blocking me at Somerset. At any rate, I'm grateful to the doctor & the clinic that this happened.

Sebasticook Regional Family Care also paid for my consultations at its clinic in Clinton & affiliated surgical facility in Detroit. Once again, these clinics, including staff & doctors are obviously being forced against their will to deny people genuine medical treatment. All of this is happening under plausibly deniable conditions.

Visit to Somerset Surgical Associates in Detroit, Maine on October 28, 2009

This visit occurred at about 9:30AM. In the large waiting area I noticed only a little V2K or other DEW attacks. This is typical when I'm away from the farm. The exception is the car. Then while waiting for the doctor in the examination room, there was very little V2K also. I noticed that not only was it much less frequent than it is on the farm, the volume of the transmissions was lower. I did receive some involuntary muscle stimulation & clicks in my ears.

After about 20 minutes two people entered the room. One was the doctor, the other was a man in his mid 40s with dark hair, who she introduced as her assistant. She asked about the basic issue. I told them what had happened from the initial recognition that the bowels had ceased to my visits at other facilities.

I mentioned that upon discovering that no movements were being made I had taken natural laxatives for about a week, which did not improve the condition much. I explained that this resulted in a trip to the Augusta ER, followed by a couple of health clinics. I told them that I'd been taking the enema since April, & without it I'd be making little or no bowel movements.

I said that the primary reason for my visit was that two new conditions occurred at about the same time. First, the enema solution was no longer completely passing through my colon which resulted in up to 1/3 of it being blocked in my colon. Next, little or no gas was moving out of my system, & it was being moved out during the enema treatments. This explanation lasted a few minutes. [As of 11/10/2009 I've noticed it's also moved out more easily when my body is horizontal.]

Although they didn't speak during my explanation, I noticed repeated blatant accusatory facial expressions from both of them (e.g. squinting eyes, pursed lips, etc.). These expressions were made as if to non-verbally convey messages such as "you've got to be kidding," "you're lying," "that doesn't make sense," "what?," "huh?," "no way," etc. Most of their follow-up suggestions & questions were stated with accusatory tones & accompanying body language.

After my explanation she said that natural laxatives such as an epsom salt & water solution & honey & water solution would not promote bowel movement. She then asked about the foods I eat. After I answered, she said that those foods wouldn't promote bowel movement either.

A few moments later, I moved to an examination chair & she pushed against my stomach for about a minute. Then she told me there was no significant waste buildup. Of course there wouldn't be, I'd been moving most of it out with the enema. She then asked me what the consistency of my stool was. Obviously, she didn't considering what I had just told her about the enema. Otherwise, she would have known.

She basically recommended more fiber & natural laxative pills. I asked a series of questions to confirm that she was recommending different foods & exercise as the remedy for this. Around this time they both seemed defensive. As I began paraphrasing their suggestions, they interrupted me multiple times to say that I should follow the other doctor's recommendation of a change in diet & contact the other doctor in the future.

I then asked that if all other lifestyle factors were consistent & the bowels just stopped working, what the cause would be. Again, they stated that the diet was the problem. She said natural laxative pills should be taken to promote movement. Then, again, I told them that my diet has been the same for several years. Then the assistant said that a combination of lack of physical activity & diet was the problem. Once more, I told them that these lifestyle conditions have been the same for years.

I asked her if a physical blockage was the problem. She said no. She said that if there were a physical blockage even the enema treatment would not move waste out of my system. She also said that gas would not move through the system if this were the case. Yet, moments prior to this, I told her that this was the situation. In fact, it was the reason for my visit. It was the exact reason that the doctor in Sebasticook referred me to her.

Then the conversation was once again turned away from the condition, apparently to create a condition to put me on the defensive. This was accomplished by the assistant asking repeated questions about what primary care physician I'd seen regularly over the last few years that was aware of my lifestyle. These questions were asked in an accusatory manner. Furthermore, as these questions were asked, it was seemingly implied that if I had no record which showed a consistent relationship with a primary care doctor, then my concern for this condition had little credibility. In other words, he implied that I shouldn't be complaining about the condition because of these circumstances.

Then the doctor assisted him in assaulting me by asking questions with blatant accusatory tones & facial expressions pertaining to information about my lifestyle that I'd written on the check-in sheet. Again, these questions were obviously not asked to obtain information, but to attack. It was obvious that a decision had been made to refuse me authentic medical treatment prior to my arrival. They simply organized the discussion to suit this prior conclusion. It was perfectly clear that they were not just blocking me, but actively attacking me.

She told me that based on what I'd told her, a colonoscopy wasn't necessary. She then told me that if gas & the enema solution were moving through my system, then no blockage existed. She said she would not perform a colonoscopy due to this. But she ignored the fact that I had told her that it was the reason for my visit. Then she seemingly contradicted herself by telling me earlier that it's normal for about 1/3 of an enema solution to be trapped in a bowel, while later telling me that it was a symptom of a blockage.

I then confirmed that they were objecting to the primary care physician's recommendation of a colonoscopy. They agreed that they were. She also said that I should stop the enema. She said that the enema was preventing me from making a movement naturally. This recommendation did not seem to consider the explanation I'd given earlier regarding the enema being the reason I was able to make any movement.

This is similar to suggestions made by the Augusta ER & clinic in Sheepscott, both of which not only downplayed the significance of a malfunctioning colon, but seemingly ignored my statement about not being able to make a normal bowel movement without the enema.

Although I knew they were being handled to refuse me treatment, & that their suggestion of different foods would not work, I told them that if necessary, I'd try their recommendation for a period of time. I then asked that if it didn't work, what would then be the cause, & course of action. She told me she didn't know. I asked how long I should try their recommendation of natural laxatives & foods before resorting to the enema. Or, in other words, I asked how long a person can go without a bowel movement before a health condition developed.

She responded that it was OK to not have a bowel movement for a week. I confirmed her statement with follow-up remarks to make sure that I understood her correctly. Each time she confirmed that a week of no bowel movement was normal. She then said that even a month of no bowel movement would not necessitate an enema. To make sure that I understood her correctly, (in that an entire month of no bowel movement was no cause for concern), I asked her the same question again several times in a variety of ways. She answered each time the same. She confirmed that an entire month could go by without a single bowel movement before being concerned enough to resort an enema!

Around this time she left the exam room, seemingly in a hurry. After she left, her assistant began mentioning how a colonoscopy was not just invasive but potentially harmful. He said that one wasn't required based on the information I gave them. His speech lasted several minutes. While he did this, I noticed his breathing was shallow, he was speaking quickly, & using run-on sentences. This, combined with his facial expression & tone indicated that he was uncomfortable with the information he was giving me. It was clear to me that he was being forced to lie.

Once I got back into the car I noticed that the V2K attacks picked up immediately. Also, the car didn't start. Presumably one of the anti-theft buttons had inadvertently been pushed which required resetting. Leaving the area I was escorted between two ambulances. Then the typical vehicular gang stalking ensued. Now I'm back at the farm & the standard V2K attacks continue in their normal capacity.

Summary of Events

Basically, from the moment they entered the room they attacked me, downplayed the seriousness of the condition, blocked me, contradicted themselves, lied, & ignored information I gave them. It was perfectly clear that they had no intention of assisting me. My guess is that the DoD also used him as another mind to help put me on the defensive.

This was a complex situation, in that although they had been co-opted to refuse me authentic medical treatment & attack me, they weren't the enemy. My interpretation of the event is that they were forced to do this. They exhibited behavior that indicated they were uncomfortable with this situation. They basically told me they were being handled. This was not due to a conscious decision on their part accompanied by overt communication. Instead, it was due to leakage which occurs when people are forced to do things against their will.


This an example of how the medical community within a psychopathic system functions. Most importantly, notice how the actions taken had the "appearance" of legitimacy. For instance, all of the paperwork was done, they checked me in, officially examined me, they followed procedures, etc. But even though these procedures were followed, in reality they refused to treat me & attacked me viscously.

Any outside observer, not aware of the larger covert war being waged in our society, would probably disagree. But this is one of the fundamental features of a psychopath or system under their control; the facade, the mask, the lie. The cult of wealthy psychopaths who run this, know from other dictatorships which they've made, that this must be done so that any outside observer will not see the horror.

Considering the expanded nature of this network, which has been admitted in mainstream news, I wonder how many visits a day the medical community receives related to illnesses caused by Directed Energy Weapons. I wonder how many doctors unofficially work for the Department of Defense. And I wonder how many people are being attacked while visiting these medical facilities & being denied treatment, & yet, are completely unaware that they're targeted. The Department of Defense is not only able to cause medical problems with these weapons, but it can easily use doctors & medical staff to provide cover for its attacks.

Thank You,