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Hidden Evil Event
April/May 2009

Attack to Bowels

Since about Monday, April 6 2009 I've had chronic periods of nausea & general pain in the abdominal area. It's chronic in the sense that for most of the day it's there, but at some points (maybe an hour or more sometimes) it won't be. But basically now on most days, for much of the time, I experience these pains & nausea. I've' also noticed that I'm fatigued more during the day. While fatigue does occur, it's not as frequent or heavy as what I've experienced the last few weeks. This time frame was also the beginning of what has become a sustained increase in V2K.

It was also around this time period, or maybe a few days or a week later that I noticed my bowels weren't working properly. When I first noticed it, it seemed like I had to go, but the muscles were restricting the movement. It was around Tuesday April 14 that I realized it wasn't working at all. It seemed as if it just shut down. There was no activity which indicated it was functioning. Around this time, I began to suspect that they were somehow causing this, either electronically, chemically, or some other method. But I gave it more time because there was still some movement. However, as the days went on, I realized that my bowels had indeed been seemingly shutdown.

During the week of April 20 I researched natural laxatives & took some. This did not promote movement. That Friday, the 24, I began enema treatment. At this time it had been probably close to two weeks with no natural bowel movement. I felt fecal matter clogging my intestines. The nausea & pains were there too, which I attributed to the clogging. I noticed that still, despite flow generated by the enema, that the bowels themselves were shut off. No noises, no movements, no sensations--nothing.

I had several enemas Friday, then one on Sunday. During this time frame I was also taking natural laxatives. I decided to contact a health clinic in Coopers Mills & scheduled an appointment for Wednesday, April 29. But later that day, (Monday, April 27), I noticed an increase in pain & nausea & thought it would be best to see a doctor. (Now I'm getting pulsed pain to my left inner-ear). Another factor which led to this action was that I had not had a natural bowel movement (without an enema) in about two weeks.

Because my bowels had been seemingly shut down, I figured that there was some decaying fecal matter clogged in there that was causing these symptoms. So I went to the emergency room of the Maine General Hospital. After an X-ray they told me that there was no waste stuck in there, & recommended some Metamucil & a diet change. This recommendation occurred despite the fact that I told them that my bowels had been shut off for two weeks, & had already been taking natural laxatives.

I'm certain that the Department of Defense has caused not just the bowel problem, but also the accompanying conditions, such as the chronic abdominal pains, nausea & fatigue attacks. They also increased their V2K attacks around this time. The reason they probably did this is because on Saturday, April 4 I stood on the corner of Boylston & Dartmouth streets in Boston for several hours with the following 3x4 foot sign.(1)

Side A

was an
Inside Job
The murderers are using the civil defense network
in your city to stalk & harass dissent
as they setup a dictatorship

Side B

A Nation
Corporations control your streets
with state-sponsored
Gang Stalking

Because these new attacks occurred only two days after this activity, it seems that they have retaliated. I've noticed that they usually do, but this time it was more intense. Additionally, these attacks coincided with the onset of the writing phase of the production of my new book. So this may be an additional reason for their increase.

I also noticed an increase in attacks the week prior to my visit to Malden/Boston. On multiple occasions, while I'm preparing, such as getting signs, cards & other items ready, I'll be attacked more prior to the event. Then there's retaliation after too. I noticed this pattern with my visits to Harvard Square as well as this time.

(1) Note: I just received a V2K saying "Dartmouth" a moment ago when I stopped to think about what the intersecting street was with Boylston. After this, I opened another document & saw that it was Dartmouth. This is another example of the "real-time" attacks using advanced technology during persistent surveillance. Now I'm getting more painful pulses to my left ear.

Thank You,