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New World War: Revolutionary Methods for Political Control

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September 4, 2013 Update


After being mobbed out of employment & blacklisted in 2004 I was able to work on farms & gardens until 2011. Although I received no pay, I got room/board in exchange for work. Even though my communications were tampered with, these opportunities were available. Now, it appears the situation has changed. I have been unable to obtain such employment through multiple courses in any New England state.

I have noticed the following internet-level CNO attacks at job sites & forums: registration forms are disabled; errors occur uploading my resume; signup forms deny me; I'm kicked offline; I encounter broken links; website features are dysfunctional which obstructs navigation.

Upon viewing these sites I regularly see references to an event that just occurred & things I have planned for the day. In addition, there are typically threats & insults that are obviously directed at me. In particular, these include phrases/products that contribute to the homeless & rape themes. These phrases are regularly seen in the job descriptions & titles of ADs, & appear in search engine results, & email responses. They are synchronized with directed-energy attacks.

Frequently, there are no listings that match my skills & objectives. Because they are obviously spoofing what I observe in near-real time, I wonder how many genuine ADs I'm not seeing that are relevant. When I do find something & send an inquiry, I usually get no response.

I'm also getting hardly any replies to the ADs that I place. There are often no voice or email responses to these. Instead of phone calls, I'm getting pranks. Rather than email responses, I receive mostly spam that contains text in the subject & name fields that contributes to their debased themes.

While I'm waiting for responses, citizens & family members are used to flash PsyOp products & partake in PsyActs which infer that I have a new message (opportunity) waiting for me. Typically when this happens there are none. Upon checking my messages to find none, I'm attacked with directed-energy. For whatever reason the attacks that occur at that moment are felt in my forehead or solar plexus region.

There were a few opportunities that I declined because of the circumstances. However, most prospect exhibit the same basic behavior. Their messages are delayed & synchronized with events that occur in my personal life. Themes are supported by phrases in the messages themselves. It is obvious to me that I'm communicating with the same mind rather than a variety of people.

They compliment me on my skills & establish themselves as confidants. They portray the job in an appealing manner. Typically it seems to be the exact opportunity that I'm looking for. At this point things appear to be going nicely, so I am hopeful. This communication may take place over the course of a couple of days.

While it does, swarming citizens & family members are used by the interagency to vigorously transmit the message that I will have a job/home. Some of the PsyActs & PsyOp products that are used for this purpose include: people crowding me who loudly rattle employment ADs that are shoved into my personal space; groups of citizens who blitz me with wheeling luggage bags while talking on their cell phones; conversations about jobs & housing by citizens who surround me; products pertaining to home are emphasized while being displayed; etc.

Then the communication with the prospect usually ends in one of two ways. They either behave harshly or completely abandon the dialog. After that happens, there is a type of followup attack where the citizen warfighters are used to transmit the message that I am a fool for having been deceived. In other words, the actual mind directing them uses them as an instrument to laugh at me. I've noticed a variation of this same pattern with the few TIs that have contacted me with housing opportunities.

The events regarding the meager number of feasible prospects that I interact with appear to follow this pattern: they respond expressing interest; the opportunity is portrayed in an appealing way, while my skills are applauded; during this dialog it is communicated to me that the venture will succeed; the insult or abandonment occurs; then there is the followup strike letting me know that I was fooled.

Other than the use of the state's resources, this appears to be the standard attack cycle of a common psychopath, with the characteristic mocking & controlling behavior. In addition to bolstering their inflated egos & removing the threat, it is allegedly intended to instill feelings of despair, & most probably serves as a form of sick entertainment.

Furthermore, there is a consistent overall theme transmitted through a variety of channels by the interagency, telling me to submit to them & beg for housing & employment.