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Probable Weapon of Mass Destruction Detonated on Southeast Coast of Mauritius
May 02, 2021

[Updated: May 04, 2020]

On July 25, 2020 the Wakashio oil tanker struck a coral reef at Point d'Esny on the southeast coast of Mauritius. The ship started leaking on August 6, 2020 & eventually spilled 1,000 tons of toxic oil into pristine waters.

I've determined that this disaster was staged by the global organized crime network that I've written about extensively who had the cooperation of the Japanese & Mauritian governments.

The spill occurred near internationally protected marine ecosystems; highly biodiverse areas, with plants & animals unique to that region.

Animals found nowhere else on the planet are now threatened with extinction.

The island's food supply & tourism have been severely impaired because of the spill.

From a September 2020 article in the Maritime Study Forum:

"Thousands of species around the pristine lagoons have become prone to the risk of drowning in the massive pollution, resulting with devastating consequences for the economy, food security and health of Mauritius. The ongoing oil pollution is a threatening ecological catastrophe..."

Impact Zone on Mauritius Coast

This stricken zone contained pristine lagoons that were a source of food for coastal communities, in addition to being part of their local economy. Note: These are cultural, psychological, economical, environmental, & biological attacks.

Fishing communities depend on fishing for food and nutrition and the oil spill has devastated the coastline, and the livelihoods of its people.-Fishing Industry News, Fishing Communities Lose, Oil Spill Impact Starts to Bite, September 04, 2020

Fishing along the affected zone was (& may still) be banned. This would facilitate the global anti-access/area denial (A2/AD) objectives of these criminals, who are using governments to genocide people & cut off food & water supplies, while they crash Earth's biosphere.

Dead Dolphins on Mauritius Coast

The affected coastal communities were given misleading information by the government of Mauritius regarding the extent of the spill & food contamination.

The Japanese & Mauritian governments did not react for 12 days after the collision.

The sluggish response by the governments of Mauritius & Japan to stop the spread of pollution is typical of these state-hosted ecological attacks.

I've learned that the reaction is delayed to ensure that the weapon is totally discharged & the toxins have enough time to thoroughly contaminate the targeted zone.

Contaminated Mauritius Coast

The government of Mauritius appears to have used toxic chemical dispersants without informing the citizens, that I surmise was an excuse to further contaminate the region.

The criminals sent in one of their frontgroups to cover up the attack. In this case the UN's International Maritime Organization (IMO) was deployed to work with the Mauritius government to deceive the public & stricken community.

At first the Mauritian government & IMO thwarted international help to mitigate the contamination, & refused satellite spill detection technology, most probably because a true & prompt cleanup would have defeated the whole purpose of the attack.

Consistent with the pattern of staged disasters, the offending company, government, (& in this case the UN), formed an alliance against the stricken people, misleading them & withholding information.

No plausible reason was initially given for why the Wakashio tanker strayed miles off course & hit a coral reef spilling 1,000 tons of toxic oil into the coastal region.

Tanker Leaking on Mauritius Coast

An interesting blurb from an October 2020 Forbes article:

"Evidence about the Wakashio appears to be going missing (e.g., voice recording from the VDR, even though it has been revealed that there is a copy in Japan), evidence is not being collected (e.g., images of critical parts of the ship’s engine) and evidence is allegedly being tampered with... The digital records of the Wakashio are also being mysteriously altered in databases around the world, months after the bulk carrier had been ruled a total constructive loss. Who would have reason to be altering digital records after a vessel has been declared a loss, and whilst a major investigation is going on?"

Greenpeace Africa also raised some valid points in November 2020:

"It remains unclear what happened, why the Government of Mauritius and Japanese company did not react in the first 12 days and why the population was not properly supported. It is unclear why experts were not called in on 25 July and why local expertise is not being harnessed by the government and why Japan is leading the investigation. ... Why were the local population and Mauritian diaspora ignored in the response to the oil spill? Among Mauritians, there are tremendous reservoirs of knowledge of the ocean and the biodiversity on the island. Instead of professionally benefiting from their expertise, masses of locals were engaged voluntarily in bold and innovative cleanup efforts, in areas that were eventually closed off by Mauritian authorities."

Here are some other relevant questions:

The Wakashio oil tanker is owned by Nagashiki Shipping & chartered by Mitsui OSK Lines. Among the top 10 institutional shareholders of Mitsui OSK Lines we find two financial institutions that frequently bankroll these unconventional warfare campaigns: BlackRock & The Vanguard Group.

I've determined that these institutions are dominated by an international crime network composed of psychopathic central banking families & their ilk, who are following a Scorched Earth protocol to disintegrate Earth's biosphere.

These anti-Earth maniacs have been using their industrial infrastructure to mass murder people & destroy natural resources all over the planet with the complicity of their puppeteered governments.


* The criminals formed the UN that they use for a variety of purposes including coverups. For instance, the UN's UNEP was dispatched to Nigeria to investigate the cause of pollution in the Niger Delta. In August of 2010 it was reported that their "investigation" (funded by Royal Dutch Shell) determined that 90% of the contamination was due to sabotage by the Nigerians themselves. Basically, the mass murdering psychopaths used one of their organizational masks to hide their ecocide & genocide & blame the damage that they inflicted on the people they were murdering.

* These are some of the characteristic signs of a planned ecological attack: slow response; ineffective remediation; refusal of local & foreign aid; use of chemical dispersants; government/corporate lies; botched/sham investigation. You may want to have a look at this 2019 report. Some of these same tactics were used during the Deepwater Horizon/BP oil spill of April 2010 that was also staged. See: New World War, Louisiana Targeted for Unconventional Warfare, July 04, 2018; Prison Planet, States Need To Launch Criminal Investigation Into BP, Federal Government’s Role In Oil Spill, June 20, 2010; Phoenix Rising From The Gulf, BP and Macondo Evidence Now Shifting from LIHOP to MIHOP, December 11, 2010; Above Top Secret, The Real Reason the Oil Still Flows into the Gulf of Mexico, June 15, 2010.