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Framed at Cambridgeside Galleria Mall
April 18, 2015


On 04/08/15 I was kicked out of the Cambridgeside Galleria Mall & written-up by the Cambridge Police for assault & battery. What follows is a description of the event.

I arrived at Dunkin Donuts in the mall at about 7AM. My departure from that area is often blocked by lingering people, & those who suddenly appear from around the corner.

On this day there were several people in that area. I went around them with my elbows extended to prevent one from "accidentally" walking into me.

After passing them, on my way to the mezzanine, I noticed a woman in her late 40s walking away from the mezzanine area, toward me. I think she was at least 20 feet away.

On both sides of this path there was plenty of space. Because I suspected that she was going to brush by me regardless of my trajectory, I kept my elbows out to deter her.

When her head hit my elbow she started screaming. I turned around to see that the people who previously blocked me had joined her. They were accusingly staring at me while she yelled. I guess they were either friends or "impartial" bystanders who witnessed the incident.

Environmental Factors

Here are some environmental & spatial factors:

How could this have happened under these conditions?

It is possible that she was not looking the whole time, & accidentally walked into me. However, in my estimation she collided with me on purpose.

Without understanding the circumstances, anyone learning of such an event might find it ludicrous that someone would deliberately hit another person's elbow with their head.

Because the elbow is a more useful body weapon than the head, it is presumed that when they make contact, the aggressor is the one whose elbow was involved.

Furthermore, when the supposed victim is a female who complains that she was hit by a man, it is probably guaranteed to be an efficient setup.

If she devised that crash, then regardless of the points of contact, she attacked me. After her enactment, she called the police to portray me as a violent offender.

Cambridge Police

An hour later the Cambridge Police arrived & told me they received a call that I assaulted someone. When they asked for my version of the event, I told them I was being persecuted by citizens, & sometimes I keep my elbows out to block collisions that might otherwise impact my torso.

I informed them that the lady who reported the assault was framing me.

They asked me some questions & ran a background check. While that happened, mall security appeared to tell me that I was banned from the mall.

One police officer mentioned that he watched the event on the mall's security video. He said nothing about me striking her; only that it was a potent impact, & the woman seemed distressed when she reported it.

He said that he was not going to arrest me. Instead, I was written-up for assault & battery, & might have to appear in court.

The police were refined in their management of the situation.

Reasons for the Setup

These are some possible reasons for the framing:

Covert Attacks at the Cambridgeside Galleria Mall

This is a summary of the nonlethal weapons (NLW) & tactics used by the Department of Defense (DOD) to attack me at the Cambridgeside Galleria Mall, from December of 2014 to April of 2015. Most of this occurred between the hours of 630--8AM.

The weapons & tactics included: audible noise, psychological operations (PsyOp), mobile barriers, computer-network operations (CNO), directed-energy weapons (DEW), & civilian warfighters.

The warfighters included mall employees, shoppers, & janitors who attacked me with audible noise, PsyOp, swarming, & staged physical collisions.

The mall during these hours not busy. Yet, the few citizens in the area often crowded me. On most days when walking into mall, there were janitors at the doors blocking me, while cleaning windows, vacuuming, mopping, & sweeping.

Moments later, I'd be crowded by employees & citizens while waiting in line at Dunkin Donuts. I'd be obstructed again when leaving the store.

In the mezzanine, where I'd spend most of my time, CNO, swarming, DEW, & audible noise attacks were synchronized. For instance, when someone approached me closely I'd be hit with directed-energy. CNO & DEW attacks were synchronized with overhead lights flickering on & off.

The janitorial objects that were used to attack me in the mall, included: motorized carts, brooms, dustpans, mops, barrels, buckets, & hoses.

These objects were employed to generate noise. They also served as mobile barriers to block me, & faint blunt/projectile weapons (threatening to hit & spray me).

The Janitors dragged tables & chairs near me, & slammed barrels & dustpans on the floor. They stalked me in the mall riding their motorized carts.

At the mezzanine, compounding eruptions from nearby restaurants, included: cabinet slamming, loud conversations, boxes tossed on the floor, & metal trays smashed on counters.

The few citizens in the mall at this time contributed to the commotion by positioning themselves near me while babbling loudly & dragging chairs.

Other Collisions at Cambridgeside Galleria

Here are some other fabricated collisions that occurred: In the early afternoon on 01/19/15, a janitor with a broom grazed me in the hallway near the bathroom, while pretending to be oblivious. On 12/22/14 at 7AM a man shouldered me near Dunkin Donuts.

While walking up some stairs near the doors on 01/05/15 at 7AM, a woman swiped me, then voiced a complaint. On 01/19/15 at about 1050AM, a man caused an impact with me near the mezzanine, then called security. When they arrived about 5 minutes later, I told them I was being swarmed by citizens, & the one who just complained to them staged the event.


I now have assault & battery on my record. It may be the initial phase of an overt attempt to use factions of the system to control me.